Integrity In Teaching


I don’t want to sound self righteous

But I have a belief that there should

Be integrity in teaching students the

arts of tai chi, hsing-I, and bagua.


I hold a certain standard that I live up to, and expect my students

to also live up to. I do not advance people quickly because it leads to

inefficiency,  poor structure, and alignment.


I tend to lose a lot of students because I make them learn the basics thoroughly.

I will not have people representing me that are lacking in the fundamentals of

internal kung fu basics.


Often students want to learn a lot of forms, and look impressive in competition,

or look Impressive to their friends. My main goal is to preserve the internal arts.

Impressing people is not my goal. This is why I express the integrity of the arts to

make sure that the student understands his, or her responsibility in expressing

the style correctly.


When students dictate the speed in which they learn the art they lose out on the quality

of the time invested in learning the style. There is no rush to learn kung fu.  Kung fu equals

time, and work invested.  When you work for your goals you appreciate them more.


My integrity is boundless and means more to me than money. I can be like other

teachers, and give students movements that they are not ready for, that they have not learned the

basics to perform…But I don’t…and I won’t.


I will make less money but I will ensure that I teach quality kung fu.

Never compromise no matter what the consequences are.


Keep training hard and you will succeed.

Train Smart, Train Well.

Riverside Tai Chi

Sifu Jesse Powell

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