Internal Arts For Bodybuilders

I recently did a video on my

You Tube Channel That got some

mixed responses. Many were positive,

but some were extremely negative. One guy

basically told me that I do not know what I am talking about,

and  that I should stick to what I know.

I assume he was referring to body building; not realizing that I have been

into, and around body building, and fitness training since I was 10 years old.

I only gave it up when I began learning Internal Kung Fu in 1987.


The video was about internal arts and the central nervous system.

It stated that body building practices are stimulating to the sympathetic branch

of the nervous system which results in a catabolic state in the body. This relates to

the muscle breakdown that fitness and weight training exercises induce where the

healing process of the body mends the muscle in order for it to grow.


Tai Chi, and other internal practices stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

This branch of the nervous system relates more to the anabolic phase which is involved in

healing and other factors such as lowering the blood pressure, deep slow breathing and the relaxation



This anabolic state is what bodybuilders and other fitness professionals are always in search of.

My premise was that bodybuilders and other fitness professionals would benefit from the internal

arts. Even if it would be difficult for them in the beginning because of energy blockages due to

their muscle mass, it would still benefit them in their progress of their fitness

endeavors. If there are any bodybuilders or fitness professionals that would like to

test the results of adding internal arts to their practices please contact me at

[email protected].


Thank you all for your support.

Train Smart, Train Well.


Riverside Tai Chi

Sifu Jesse Powell


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