Knee Pain and Alignment Problems

I recently did a video that gave some

Tips on how to do the basics of

Push hands correctly. The basics are very

Important, and need to be correctly understood

For success to be achieved in your execution of

The moves in push hands and the moves in your forms which will be

Used in push hands.


Basics are very important and cannot be overlooked. Skipping basics gives you the

false feeling that you are advancing. When basics are skipped, or overlooked

injuries, and pain occur. Many Internal practitioners who ignore

the basic fundamental principles will encounter knee pain because they are

trying to do advanced practices before they have grasped the fundamentals, and they

wind up hurting themselves.


Do not ignore the basics but master them to be the strongest version of your self

that you can possibly be. When basics are skipped then there has to be special measures

taken to re-teach what should have been laid down previously.


Remember to be strict with the basics of the arts. There are no shortcuts, and the learning process is

what creates greatness. If you have knee pain, or other problems from trying to move too fast in your

practices then let me know what you want me to share with you to prevent further problems, and to

keep you on track to better form, and improved knee health.


I am dedicated to preserving internal kung fu forms, principles, and joint health.

If you have any suggestions on what you want help with then let me know

by sending me an e-mail with any questions you want answered. I am here to give

support and as much help as I can. Do not be shy.  Let’s communicate so I can help you better.

Send any questions to [email protected]. We need to be interactive for the best results.


Thanks for your support.

Train Smart, Train Well.

Riverside Tai Chi

Sifu Jesse Powell


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