"Protect Yourself Anyplace, Anytime

By Using Ordinary Objects As Weapons"

The effective tools in this book will enable you to legally protect yourself from violent attacks

legal tactical Weapons One of the main problems in society today are the legal ramifications of carrying weapons for self defense. The authorities want to control our ability to protect ourselves, and our loved ones while the criminals are armed, and waiting to pounce on innocent citizens.

Most people think they have to live in fear, and fall victim to the will of armed assailants, or break the law themselves  by acquiring weapons to protect their lives.

This leaves honest people no other way but to devise tools for self defense that are legal, inconspicuous, and highly effective.

Following the simple, yet powerful methods in this short book you will recognize the possibilities of defending yourself with ease by using objects around you.

It’s like having an arsenal without the authorities, or bad guys suspecting you are prepared for battle. Feel safe, and confident wherever you go.


With Legal Tactical Weapons For Urban Survival

you will

  • Feel Safe & Confident In All Situations

  • Be Able To Legally Defend Yourself & Family

  • Have The Element Of Surprise Work For You

  • Avoid Being Stopped At Security Checkpoints

  • Recognize Self Defense Tools In Your Environment

  • Never Feel Like A Victim Again

 Legal Tactical Weapons For Urban Survival

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“Sifu Powell, this book is awesome. Thanks for putting this together…”
Ray Stanley

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Danielle Sims

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