Push Hands Tips


I wanted to send this message with

This push hands video attached to

correct the basic problems that most

people have when competing in

push hands, or just practicing with a partner.


My goal is to help correct the issues that I have often seen

of people getting stuck when trying to flow gracefully, and yielding

efficiently, and effectively with their opponents.


Mastering the basics of shifting forward, and backward is essential

to success when doing push hands on any level. The next step that

has to be mastered is the turning into the hip crease which will facilitate

proper yielding. Yielding gives you the advantage over your opponent by

allowing you to escape his attacks or hide your intentions of attack or

counter attack.


Even though the concepts presented in the video are basic, it is basic principles

that when developed to their highest potential will make the difference in any

performance. If the techniques and ideas presented are refined they will allow

you to excel in your push hands activities, whether they be competitive or, real

time self defense maneuvers.


Watch This Video

Practice these exercises and gain the benefits of detail that they provide.

These exercises if practiced correctly will be an aid in preventing you from

getting stuck when you should be flowing in push hands practice or competition.


Thanks for Your attention and support.

Train Smart, Train Well.

Riverside Tai Chi

Sifu Jesse Powell

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