Reduce Stress; Feel Good

As many of you know I live in New York City.

This place is crowded, and there is always

a hustle, and bustle of crowds everywhere.


The condition is the same in many big cities in the world.

These conditions can breed a level of stress that can be

overwhelming at times.  This stress has to be dealt with

and released from the body in order for us to remain as

healthy as possible.


There are many studies that show how bad stress is for us, and

it proves that we need to get it out of our bodies as best we can.

I can share with you what I do to rid myself of unwanted tension

and stress that builds up during the day, so that you can do it too.


My process is to start with standing meditation where I clear all of the energy

blockages from my body by dissolving them, and draining them into the ground.

Next I bring new energy up from the earth to revitalize, and energize myself.


After this clearing, and revitalizing process I engage in qi gong exercises that

open the energy gates of the body for free physical movement, and flow of qi.

After these exercises I proceed with tai chi forms practice. When finished, I feel fantastic.


This process works wonders for me at relieving stress, tension, and aggravation.

I believe with all of my heart that others can benefit from the specific practices

that I use for my own well being and rejuvenation. Sharing this would be a benefit to many.


If you as members of the Riverside Tai Chi family would be interested in a

stress reduction workshop following this format in greater detail

 let me know. You can send an Email to [email protected].

 I am interested in your feedback.


Thanks for your continued support.

Talk to you soon.

Train Smart, Train Well.

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