Riverside Tai Chi is one of the highest quality internal martial arts schools in New York. At Riverside Tai Chi the student gets old school training for the new age.

  At Riverside Tai Chi we teach authentic internal kung fu. Grand Ultimate Fist (Tai Chi Chuan) is a soft style of kung fu. It is based on the principle of Yin and Yang, or soft and hard power. The practitioner learns to build their inner strength, and to use it to power the moves learned in the form for self defense. The practitioner learns to yield, and absorb the power of an attackers strike or kick, and redirect the force of the attack back to its origin, while adding his, or her own power to the counter attack. The practitioner also learns to stick, or adhere to the attacker to neutralize the attackers power. This style of kung fu uses very powerful strikes, kicks, throws, and qin na (joint locking) in its arsenal. People of all ages can learn this style of kung fu.

single whip

Wu Style Tai Chi Single Whip

 Five Element Boxing: (Hsing-I Chuan) is based on the five element theory of Chinese philosophy. The Five elements are metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. Each element is represented by a fist technique which uses the energy of that element against the attacker. This style is very powerful and uses a constant forward flow of energy to steam roll over the attacker. The style also uses deceptive footwork to change angles of attack and defense. Five Element Boxing is the quickest of the three styles to learn.


Hsing-I Chuan Crossing Fist

Eight Trigram Palms: (Ba Gua Zhang) is a unique style where the fighter walks in a circle using quick changes of direction, and coiling body movements to confuse the attackers, and put the fighter in an advantageous position for defense. This style relates to the energy changes of the i-ching. The practitioner uses these changes of energy in a self defense situation to flow freely from one technique to another, and to dispose of multiple attackers. This style is characterized by its low stances, and twisting and coiling of the waist and limbs.


Ba Gua Zhang Palm Strike

 Training in any one of these styles will increase your inner strength, and make you more powerful than ever before.

 You will fear no one, and never be a victim again. Combining all three styles together will only increase the level of power, and effectiveness and enable you to defend yourself in any situation. Using the inner strength that is developed along with the powerful self defense techniques of these styles of kung fu, it won’t matter if you are big, and strong, or small and frail. A small woman will be able to defeat a large male attacker. Training is the key.

 Come to Riverside Tai Chi and train like a champion.

Monthly Rate $160

(Four Sessions)This block of classes is perfect for people with limited time. Save money and learn kung fu at your own pace.

 Single class Rate $40Per class rate

 for people with a busy schedule who want to take classes when time allows.

One Private Session $100

One to one private sessions are a quick and effective way for the student to learn the fine details of the martial arts.

Ten Private Sessions $700

One on one private lessons with a great discount. Train in private like an elite champion. Secretly improve your skill and surprise any adversary.

 Location: 257 West 39th Street

14th floor

New York, N.Y.

Riverside Tai Chi teaches all three of the internal Chinese Kung Fu styles. Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Bagua to men and women and is one of the only schools that teaches the internal styles to kids.



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