Serving Others Is My Duty

I often think about ways that

I can serve the Riverside Tai Chi

family better.


I have decided a great way to do it

is to keep you all Informed of the various forms

of free content that is available to you, from me.


I have a lot of new members joining the news letter.

The new members can catch up on posts that they have missed

by checking out my blog on the Riverside Tai Chi Website.

The blog is called Sifu SEZ and is packed with information that you

can catch up on.


You can also tune in to the Riverside Tai Chi You Tube Channel and hear interesting

stories and training tips for people of all levels of skill, from beginners to

expert practitioners.


All of this free content is presented to you because I enjoy serving

other people, and want to improve the internal arts by offering my

knowledge, and experience over the last 26 years of training.


In order to be able to share all of this free information with you

I also need to earn money to put food on the table for the Powell family.

So this is why I also promote Interesting, and very cool products such as downloadable

e-books, and videos that I create In order to make a living, along with training people

in the arts of tai chi, hsing-i and ba gua.


I just want to let the Riverside Tai Chi Family know that I appreciate

you, and thank all of you who purchased my newest product



Feel free to check out the other free resources I mentioned.

I enjoy providing it, and keep watching for more free content,

as well as more cool, and awesome future products.


Thank you all

Train Well, Train Smart

Riverside Tai Chi

Sifu Jesse Powell


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