The Sweet Spot



Have you ever been,

practicing your form, or doing

your standing practices, and just found

that point where your thighs weren’t

burning, and your knees weren’t hurting?


This is what I call the sweet spot. Oh… the sweet spot is almost heaven.

How long can you hold on to the sweet spot.  Sometimes it lasts, and sometimes

it just fades away. I have felt it in my own training, and I have seen it in my own

students. You feel it being perfect, and then you fall back into the same old rut.


When you feel the sweet spot, or your teacher tells you that you have hit the sweet

spot then remember the feeling. The feeling is the key to getting back to it.

The sweet spot is never lost. You have to remember what the feeling was like in order

to return to it. The memory may be deep in your mind, or right at your finger tips.


The moments of perfection are the key to success in internal martial arts, and in all aspects

of success in life. These sweet spots are turning points that will lead you to the real goal,

which is something that improves you, your practice, or your life in some way.


When you feel the sweet spot, log it in your conscious, and sub-conscious. Call it up

like a file on your computer. It will be there for you, and apply it at a later practice


You can do it…If I can do it then you can do it. Store the feeling, and it will be there for you to help

you succeed. The more sweet spots you feel and store the more correct practice references you

have and can call on at your will. As you store these sweet spot moments you will have an endless

file of perfection that will benefit you in years to come.


Keep practicing and keep generating these sweet spot files to help you along the way.


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Sifu Jesse Powell


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